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Providing integrated solutions for the procurement, marketing and distribution of energy products across the globe


The Company will trade and invest in physical commodity energy and raw building related assets

Refined Products

SCRGI’s focus on petroleum will also include petroleum products (distillates) which are refined for such products as gasoline, Diesel and asphalt.


SCRGI proprietary hedging desk, allow the Company to hedge its transactions while trading energy futures and protecting against physical price fluctuations.


Southern Cross Resources Group, Inc. ( SCRG or the "Company" is listed in London on the GXG Markets under the symbol SCRG ) was incorporated in the state of Nevada on December 26, 2007. On March 29, 2012 Michael Nasatir and Andrew Madenberg assumed majority control of the Company. Since that date, SCRGI has evolved the Company into an asset-based trading company with a focus on energy products. On April 2, 2013 the Company's common stock was admitted for trading on the Main Quote of GXG Markets in London under the ticker symbol SCRG.

The Company will trade and invest in physical commodity energy related assets by utilizing the requisite expertise and talent from employees, contractors and joint venture partners. The Company looks to expand into refined products in the near future as part of its vertical integration plan. SCRGI also will open a trading desk which will allow it to hedge risk against its physical trades.